Hobbytown USA


Does anyone know if Hobbytown USA carries ACTA stuff? My local one is having a Customer Appreciation sale(20% off), and whenever they do I splurge. I was just wondering if they anyone knows if they carry it. My local one doesn't seem to have any stuff in stock.
The only minatures my local store carries is GW 40k stuff. Nothing else.
Won't even order other stuff since its not worth their time.
I can't ask the staff 'cuz I won't be going there for at least another 2 weeks. And I couldn't ask the staff, because I didn't think of it til I got home.

So I take it thats a no then?
Well, each store varies. I've been to several hobbytown USAs, and the one thing they share is a corporate mentality. I've not used them for much more than getting the occasional paint pot, they barely carried GW stuff even when I was asking for it. If this is your only local place to get games, give it a try, otherwise I've found the comic-oriented shops to be more gamer-friendly. Like I said though, every shop is different; I'll happily be proven wrong in this case.
TRy phoning them

MY shop is a model sote, and next store is the comic shop with a game room behind it. Very nice, but GW has a strangelhold on it.

I'm trying to develop more interest in non-Gw miniature games and RPGs.
The ones I've visited carry GW, SST and a few others, but I don't think I've seen ACtA there. I think you're going to have to call...