Historical Inspirations?


Hey all. I was wondering if anyone has any particular historical events that they have used as inspiration for their Conan campaigns. For example, a scenario that I've used in the past (and one which my players really enjoyed) was based on Xenophon's Anabasis, wherein a group of Greek mercenaries enlists in the army of a Persian satrap bent on taking the throne of the Persian Empire. Things go awry and, having enlisted on the wrong side, the Greeks find themselves deep in Persian territory, surrounded by hostiles, and have to fight their way back home. Not only is it a great story, but its full of hooks that can be used for Conan, very easily. (reading the summary of the story, you could easily fill in "Turanian" for " Persian" and have the basis for any number of adventures.

How 'bout you?


The anabasis is an excelent book. The account of the battle of cunax is very interesting, even if Cyrus's army was exaggerated for the telling.

As I studied ancient Egypt I have recently been doing a lot in the equivalent of Stygia. I am using isolated incidents as part of my game, but would like to do something big based on one of the periods of strife in egypt.
I might write it up too.