High Guard Update 2022 - Coming July 29th!

Skimkish Lt. Carrier
400 tons and MCr200 for a Small Meson Bay?

Pg 255
Lg Particle Beam Bays x 6 500 tons MCr60
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Looks like Arkathan is doing a full sensor sweep of the pdf lol... 🙏

Will these issues typically get fixed before submitting to the printer, or has that already happened?
I can live with small issues but there's quite a lot going on here.
Yeah the Merchant Cruiser Legend is a mess. pge 219 deck 2 3. should be the pinnance docking space. 4. on deck 2 should be 2 of the workshops.
A few more issues:

p.154 Shuttle Power plant is 2.5 power points short of being able to run Basic Ship Systems AND Manoeuvre Drive at the same time.
p.182 Close Escort Deck plan does not need docking space as Gig is connected by a docking clamp.
p.187 Patrol Corvette Armour should mass 24 tons (due to streamlined hull.
p.192 6. should be Cutter dock NOT Full Hangar.
p.216 Colonial Cruiser 1st Deck 2 should be Deck 1.
p.217 Merchant Cruiser: Launches are 20 tons - only allocated 10 tons of docking space each. Also pinnance should be x1 not x2.
p.219 Merchant cruiser deck plans Deck 2 needs to be renumbered. 3. should be Pinnance dock, 4.x2 should be workshops.
p.235 Small Meson Bay should be x4 but only 200 tons.
p.255 Large Particle Beam Bay should be x1 NOT x6
Shall I say it again?

Enlist some of the people doing this error checking and send them the pdf before you put it up for pre-order.
Yes, we had this discussion before with the release of the Robot Handbook. And I absolutely second this proposal.
The current payment system may not support this but this is how I would do it.
I would open a thread here in this forum were people could sign up for testing/proof-reading. A month later I would close this thread and if there are more than 10 people I would randomly pick 10 people, which would receive a copy for testing/proof-reading.
For each reported error I would give a fixed percentage of the final price, let's say 1% for now. Report 10 errors and you receive a 10% discount. This should highly motivate anyone to find as many errors as they can.
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I think most would do it for free just for the fun of it. I mean everyone who is spotting errors now has bought the book/pdf already.
I can see why Mongoose Publishing might prefer this over my proposal, since most still want the corrected version. ;)
I can see why Mongoose Publishing might prefer this over my proposal. ;)
If Mongoose wanted to give a thank you they could always provide a DTRPG voucher?

Either way I reckon I'd be up for a bit of checking, just so I knew the print version wasn't all over the place.
I guess I'm going to wait a little before investing.
I am working on two Traveller quick reference guides for my casual players - one on skill usage which in turn acts as a foundation for one about combat. My experience of that is that it is impossible to get things right first time and it requires time and effort to get most of the bugs out.
Where High Guard 2022 is concerned, I'm hoping that Mongoose uses the people here who are willing to look for bugs etc in the PDF, with the hope there won't be many (if any) bugs in the final text. "Given enough eyes all bugs are shallow" - Eric S. Raymond (Linus's Law).
It has all gone very silent in answer to the question has this already gone to print...
The release of the printed copy is currently scheduled for December. Even if it has already been send to a printing company there is enough time to send a corrected version before the printers actually run. I think Geir mentioned something about having some time to correct the Robot Handbook before it gets printed and the scheduled release for that is November.
Let's take an advice from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Don't Panic!:cool:
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Just two more so far:

p.27 Crew Critical Hit Table - Are the results cumulative with all lower values? -if it is then the table should reflect this or at least note it.
p.183 Fleet Courier Power Plant does not list power points
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IMO when it comes to collecting and publishing game errata, Catalyst Game Labs and Battletech are the gold standard benchmark.

Players on those forums regularly identify incorrect information and post on a rules question sub-forum. Mods answer those questions or decide errata is warranted. All errata is posted in the specific product errata sub-forum, and then routinely collected, compiled, and published for the player base. When CGL decides to do a new physical printing, they incorporate the latest errata for the new printing.

For example, I purchased the physical + PDF combo of Battletech Alpha Strike Commander's Edition, which at the time was the corrected second printing. Since that purchase back in 2019, I've automatically received the PDFs for ASCE's third and latest corrected fourth printing.

I'm sure there may be more details that I'm not aware of, but as a game consumer the end result is impressive.

Edit: In all fairness this is a bit like compairing apples to oranges, as Traveller and BT are two different types of tabletop gaming experiences with unique histories. But the point I'm attempting to make how errata can be collected and released.
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Pg. 163 Deck Plan, Seeker Mining Ship, move Double Turret on the plan to be consistent with the Type S Scout, currently it looks like an after thought addition.
Pg. 166 Deck Plan, Serpent Class Scout, missing the Double Turret. Access to the turret should go in the Common Area (4) near the Air Lock (3).
Pg. 176 Deck Plan, System Defense Boat. For consistency with other deck plans. Turrets should have pentagon added to them.
Pg. 182 Deck Plan Gazelle Close Escort, Turret (13) does not seem to have an access point. Access point seems offset in Common Area (8) Deck 1. Deck 2 it looks off set as well. Maybe a crawl space to them? as they seem to be centered in the diagram.
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I think most would do it for free just for the fun of it. I mean everyone who is spotting errors now has bought the book/pdf already.
I would pay full price on rules updates, and sign an NDA to get an early copy of the pdf that got updated by the release date so that many of these issues were resolved in advance. I know several others would as well.
Firstly, I want to say a Great Big Cheers to everyone at Mongoose for doing a great job on all the books.

Secondly, I echo people saying they would help out with error checking etc.

Free League and other companies frequently do a similar thing -

/release a beta to people who pre-ordered
/commence error checking orgy
/filter error reports and make changes
/release a shiny new pdf
/send it off to the printers
/have a nice cup of tea and a biscuit
It has all gone very silent in answer to the question has this already gone to print...
Matt assured me months ago when I asked about this because of the dreadful Core Rulebook 2022 update, that there would be plenty of time between the release of the pdf and it being sent to the printers.

If he's has gone back on assurances...