High and Dry & Mission to Mithril - Update 2023


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Just to let you all know, we have updated these two adventures to the 'Update 2023' standard as a free download for all owners of the PDF editions. If you re-download (whether on our website or Drivethru) you should now see the new file.

This was a 'by-product' of the forthcoming hardback, Marches Adventures 1-5, which will be going on pre-order at the end of next week!
I have to say that the artwork since 2e launched has been of excellent quality. Some of it should be offered as merch - I would love to hang some of it on my wall (I could print stuff from the pdf but I would feel like I am not paying the artist their due rewards for their work).

I have suggested this before - a merch store for artwork prints, T shirts, hoodies, patches, mugs, mouse mats, dice etc.

High and Dry.
Some remarks (details really) :
- It seems that the Tensher’s Wolf attacks which was Bite (3D) in previous version is now Bite (D3). Don't think it is intended.
- Also the illustration is nice but doesn't make me think about a wolf at all. The illustration in previous printed version seems more adapted to the description, even if less exotic.
- The original "Type S" module contained 3,5 pages about the scout ship's locker content. They were really interesting, and useful information for any GM using a Type S in his campaign.
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