Help on selecting my Earth Alliance colour scheme.

Grey or Green

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Today I'm finally putting paint to my Earth Alliance. Namely my Crusade era fleet which contains: 1 Warlock, 1 Apollo, 2 Delphi, and 8 Chronos plus a mass of Starfuries.

I'm thinking either the usual black with a dry brush of a Dark grey and then a second dry brush of a lighter grey with metal parts painted with a dark metal.

Or a base coat of a dark green (most of my armies are green) and the metal parts painted as before with a dark metal.

Thanks in advance.
Actually, I'm going to paint some of my EA ships using naval camouflage schemes from WWII if that gives you an idea. Also, you might want to look at the first paint scheme for the F-117.
I've done my earlier EA ships in the usual grey, but for my crusade fleet was planning to do the engines and other detailed parts in the same grey, but go for a highlighted black, possibly gloss, over the heavy armour plating panels, giving them a two tone effect.

Keeps the continuity with the earlier ships, but marks them as significantly different. Course, yet to put the fleet together, so this is still theoretical.

Hope it helps
Late update.

I've posted the same poll up on Goldern Throne's site and last time I checked there and here Green was in the lead... so I started painting. The fleet is all painted Green now to a gaming standard. Looks good, I'll be adding more detail next week. Tomorrow see's there first battle against a Narn fleet. If I remember I'll take my Camera I'll post pictures.
Dark Angels Green over a black undercoat, think I may give it a light dry brush with a slightly lighter green to help give it more definition.

Pictures will be ready soon... my camera isn't too great.