Help needed

Dr Goth

Hi all!

I have a problem (I have several but this concerns a specific one). I ordered the Legions of Fire trilogy from Amazon and was promised all three books - I specifically told them that I only wanted the books if they could deliver all three. I got the first two and they told me the third would take a while. After combined delays of about half a year they just stopped sending me updates and I soon found out that they had dropped the case (I won't buy anything more from them, that's for sure). :?

Now, is there anyone out there who can help me? I don't care about the shape or anything, I just want to finish the story - as does my wife. The one thing I'm not really prepared to do is to pay 60+ dollars for a used paperback... :p


Dr Goth
That's pretty much exactly what happened to me, and I ended up paying through the nose (well, Mongoose did :)) for the third book.