Help fining a specific Traveller weapon


A few weeks ago, I was flipping through my Traveller pdfs. I came across a weapon system - pistol carbine and rifle. They were 'zero-g' weapons so something like an accelerator or snub weapon, but also an auto weapon. What was interesting is that there was a neg DM to accuracy. Part of the reason in their narrative was that was one reason that they were never that popular. However, they were favored by people that were not to worried about accuracy ( I pictured the mob enforcers npcs I will use in my adventures when I read that). I'm starting to do the opponent write ups for the NPCs my players will be facing through the adventure arc, and now I can't find the weapon.

I thought they were in the new JTASs but I've looked through the 1-6 that I have 3 times each, and it isn't in there. I looked through the adventures I know I've looked at to mine for the adventures, and they aren't there either. So, outside of page by paging every pdf I have, I was hoping someone here may have seen it before too and remember where it is.
Sounds like the Assault Rocket Launcher? Available in the CSC update, originally seen in, um… a book… that I have, and will soon remember the name of… 😅

EDIT: JTAS vol.1, p.106
Most special-purpose low-recoil (‘snub’) weapons are standalone designs, but Unified Space Industries has recently begun offering a configurable weapon system built around a common receiver. Weapons are available singly or in batches as a whole unit, or as a kit containing all the necessary parts to make each variant along with a single receiver. The weapon is well put together, and capable of withstanding extreme conditions including vacuum and high temperatures.

As a straightforward snub pistol the Shipmate is grossly overpriced and rather bulky, though it does offer the advantage of burst-capability. This is surprisingly controllable even in low gravity, largely due to the weight of the weapon. The primary advantage of this weapon system is the ability to purchase multiples and set up a full security armament with personnel able to carry a handgun and carbine or close-assault weapon that use the same magazines, or swap out components as the need arises.

All variants normally use the same 20-round magazines, which cost Cr10 plus ammunition cost if bought singly. A 30-round extended magazine is available for Cr15. It extends beyond the base of the magazine well and makes the weapon impossible to holster if in handgun configuration.