Hazzah for Mongoose and SoC

Indeed, and all the more valuable for me as I'm not likely to ever subscribe to/ purchase an issue of Signs & Portents. Thanks, Mongoose.
I was a bit bummed as I recently picked up the back issues for the Conan articles , but I suppose it serves me right for being so impatient . Got to say I'm impressed with the regularity of the SoC downloads - 3 in as many weeks ! Hope they keep it up .
Grrr...I sent my clipped page and email a week ago, but it probably takes at least that long for mail to get from here to the U.K. Can I even know what I am missing, and conceivably never getting?
From another thread in the Mongoose General Discussion board:

msprange said:
Hi there,

Don't worry if you have missed things with the Sons of Cimmeria - from time to time, we will have a catch up period, where you will have the chance to grab anything you have missed.
Sounds like you just have to wait and all the old material will be released again!
Does anyone know if we're likely to get the rest of the S&P articles ? I've got up to issue 8 , but I don't want to waste 8 pounds for 9 and 10 if they're likely to drop in my inbox next week . However I'd rather buy the mags than miss the articles if they don't become SoC downloads .