Has *anyone* received their order from Amazon yet?!?


This is getting a bit on the ridiculous side - my order still shows an "estimated delivery date" of Jan 9th. My FLGS got this book in 2 days ago, and I'm still in "Not Shipped" status. I swear, this is the *LAST* time I ever "pre-order" something from them.

/rant off
nope. i emailed Amazon and they kept saying "we haven't gotten any of those books in yet. if you want to reorder or cancel an order, please go to..." etc. etc.

however, i've got them saying my schedule date is due...

Delivery estimate: Jan 29, 2004 - Feb 2, 2004

hah. they sent my other book i ordered along with it. i'm sticking with this order since i got mine in during the 30% price deal. the regular 49.95 price currently on Amazon claims a 12-14 day shipping date. so maybe it will be 12-14 days... or Amazon is being stupid and hoping everyone who got the book for 30 bucks is gonna say "screw it" and try to reorder at the 50 dollar price tag. i'm going to to keep hounding them myself :)

and Amazon sucks when it comes to preordering stuff. something is wrong with their web page or ordering or something. i've never gotten anything on time with preorders.
Amazon has been late on every order I have ever made with them.

Which is why no matter how good the deal is, I don't use them for anything.

Which is why I recommend this online store for gaming supplies:

FRP Games

They have a flat 20% off RPG products, and I got my Conan book through them yesterday. I also got my Bab5 and A2089 stuff there too. The only problem is you have to pay sales tax if you live in California....
Figures: as soon as I proclaim my impatience to the world, the order status is updated to "Shipping Soon" (holds breath and stares at watch...)
I have never ordered from amazon and I probably never will for this exact reason. You pay early and get the new release items later then retailers. Dark Age of Camelot is an online MMPRPG. Some friends bought an expansion for it on amazon and laughed at me cause I they got it for 30% off what I paid. I had the last laugh when they didnt get the game until 2 weeks after I had it.

I figured the same thing was going to happen with Conan. 30% off would be $15 saved. But I am a fan. I have read 40+ novels and 200+ comics. Its been over a year since word of this rpg coming out. I want it now lol.
Hrmmm. I don't usually get pre-orders late from them myself. Most of the time I get the book a day or two after my FLGS. Some people don't like to wait, but I don't mind. In the end, I think I get the last laugh because I get more than three books for the price of their two. When you have as many books as me, it really adds up. Plus I locked in Conan for %30 of their wrong price(at the time) of $44.95, so I pay (when item shipped, not before) $31.47 I also get %3 of that toward a $25 cerificate because I have their credit card. Since I use the card for everything (1% on other purchases), I get a lot of certificates. About 2 every 3 months. Also, no tax or shipping charges. All in all, I save about 36% from what I would pay in the store on all purchases marked at 30% off.