Gorman's Judge Dredd miniatures

Lt Gorman


I used to be a big-time Starship Troopers player, and recently started playing Judge Dredd TMG. I really like the mechanics, and the miniature range is great! Very retro and a lot of fun to paint up.

Here are my first few figures...


In particular, I'm a fan of the Lawmaster - that is a whole lot of metal. Just like figure used to be (before all this resin nonsense!). The most recent sculpt of Judge Dredd is also great - more dynamic than the older one.


I also received a boxed set of the Cursed Earth Desperadoes for Christmas. Managed to paint them up in a few days, and really enjoyed building such a diverse gang.


My favourites from the gang...



I also run a blog, where I'm going to be doing regular Judge Dredd articles (probably a review of the rulebook in a couple of weeks), so feel free to check it out at http://www.twitchydroidpainting.blogspot.co.uk
- lots more 2000 AD pictures on there.

Hope to keep this thread updated with more pictures as I collect more - definitely going to be doing an East Meg force, and also Brit Cit when the boxed set is released.