Good Centauri Skirmish ship

Recommend a centauri skirmish ship

  • Amar

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  • Darkner

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  • Kutai

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  • Maximus

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  • Morgrath

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  • Vorchan

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  • Vorchar

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  • Vorchat

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I would be interested in hearing peoples thoughts and reasons for what their favourite or best centauri skirmish is.
I like Vorchans, theyre fast and have nasty firepower for their class. Darkners are good too with their battle laser if your fighting interceptor happy races like EA (but they go boom very easily)
I quite like the idea of darkners myself but would interested how they perform against Narn, EA and Dilgar opponents. The battle laser is attractive though
Well Darkners do pretty well against EA in my experience (they have proved very annoying to me on many occasions but they dont tend to live long (though admitedly I did fire the heavy Particle beam on a Warlock at one so that not surprising :twisted: ) It is a testament to their effectivness though that I did not consider this excessive :p
The ships I think are the best are the Vorchan, Darkner and Maximus however I do like the idea of the Kutai - shame it has such a low hull.
Maximus. Hull 6 makes it useful in large fights as the "first thing to move". Light ships have a nightmarish time killing it; the exception is the beam-toting Ka'Toc. Is an excellent answer to Drakh raiders.
The Maximus is the best (and IMO the only) choice at Skirmish. Hull 6, as has been mentioned, is awesome. It's also the ONLY Centauri ship with an anti-fighter turret weapon - something that is sorely lacking in the list. Additionally, the interceptor, while only 1 die, helps mitigate some of the damage coming it's way. Basically, it's 75% of the firepower of a Vorchan, includes A-F and inteceptor capability, and has the ability to actually survive for a few turns.

It's a shame that Mongoose decided to nerf the Vorchan so badly - it's a great damage potential ship, but with it's paper-thin damage and crew rating it cannot survive. She needs at least 50% more damage and crew points, and I believe you would start seeing more of them on the field again. You know, like you see on the show. :roll:
My vote goes for the Vorchan, based on experience from using various types in 2 campaigns. While the Maximus (nearly) always performs well it is the Vorchans that rack up the experience dice. Mybe they suit my playing style.
I use Darkner whenever I have to field skirmishers, I don't always expect them to survive but I do expect them to justify themselves in terms of giving and taking punishment. The Maximus is a blind, it's high hull and interceptors make it good at absorbing damage, but it's ability to deal it out is very ordinary. Remember, the opposition is Ka'Tan, Ka'Toc, Warbird, Olympus, Drakh Raiders- heavy weapon ships, and the Maximus simply isn't. The rest, feh. The Kutai and Amar are just bad jokes, I've been luckier with Morgrath than their stats deserved, the Vorchar is a ship without a mission, but I have to admit I prefer the Vorchat to Vorchan, partly because of the fighter flight.
I think the maximus is statistically the clear leader in performance.

Might not suit your tactics vs specific races, but its stats are great.
I voted for the vorchan but the maximus is certainly its equal.

the vorchan isn't a great ship, just better than the other choices, centauri skirmish options are somewhat poor
Yes, to all, just depends on the role you want to fill. In all honesty, I think the Centauri have the best low priority ship choices.

Give me some time and I'll do a better write up.
Patrol, maybe. How many of the skirmishers are worth 2 Corvan? Not many. It's strange; looking at the pre- SFoS list, a lot of the ships that are now Raid were Skirmish level- the Kutai had what is now the loadout of the Altarian destroyer- and many of the Narn skirmishers were Raid level- in SFoS, the two effectively changed places.