Glorantha is NOT Bronze Age

I did always wonder about the Drive Chariot skill since no one has chariots around in 3rd Age Glorantha
Don't 3rd Age Orlanthi in Railos use chariots? THought it had been mentioned some where, may have been 'Tradetalk'...
Time to delve back into my old RQ stuff again...

As far a s chariots go they are mention in several areas. First the chariot clan among the Impala people in the Game Nomad Gods. There are several Chariot Gods. And in Sun Country there is a old Chariot in the abdadon temple that has the Vampire.. I remember chariots also being mention as being used in the Dragonkill war.( Or as the Dragons called Chariots, boxed lunches)
There was an artical about Chariot gods in one of the Fanzines (might have been by Greg or Sandy-not sure), can't find the blasted thing, but it strongly suggested that in previous ages Chariots were in common use.
Vaguely remember of description of Ronnance being in a Chariot drawn by odd looking serpents.

Sun Country there is a old Chariot in the abdadon temple
I remember the Vamp - geez 'orrible git e was... Think it was the Chariot of Splendid Yamsur a hero of Yelmalio.