Glad about a rules update. . .

No foul. I think even the hardcore fanboys are harboring a little concealed skeptisim. I myself am pretty pissed about not being able to complete my Skinnie army for around a year. :x
To the original poster, don't ask for rushed rules, or you get rushed results. It took weeks for us to work out Suppression after Matt gave it to the playtesters, but believe me it was worth it. We're still working some tweaks to ensure it all works out well in the end.
Major Chaos said:
Actually I figured since the cards with the stats came with the mini's they would only include stats for the Thud. Adding the others in the future. Making conversions moot.

I reserve the right to feel however I like about their future plans. While I am (very guardedly) optimistic about SST:EVO I believe there is plenty to be skeptical about. Sorry if this rains on your parade. Once it is in my hands and it doesn't suck I will stop feeling that way.

Recall that the Evo rulebook will contain stats for all the extant units. You'll be Javelin, flamer and sniper rifle-less for 3 months max. Also, the LAMI squad comes with a javelin IIRC