[GK Games] News and Reviews

I don't have a regular gaming group, so I haven't bought a lot of gaming materials lately, but I enjoy your updates, particularly the cool pictures. (Reading this bulletin board is kind of my substitute gaming experience for now.) But 19 pages (edit: now 20, with this message) of "news and reviews" thread is a lot to look through, and may discourage some potential customers from looking at your news.

Maybe with the new year you might start a new "News and Reviews 2018" thread, maybe with a link back to this one for people who want the old news too. That might also make it easier to locate convention announcements.

- - -

Another idea: it might be nice to indicate how tightly the materials are tied to the Clement Sector setting, as opposed to things that could easily be dropped into a Spinward Marches, Trojan Reach, Solomani Rim, Milieu 0, Interstellar Wars, etc. campaign.

Back in the day, I think I used almost every adventure seed from the classic 76 Patrons book (except the mercenary tickets, which weren't my style) because they were so portable. Of course you want people to buy the Clement campaign, but hooking us with portable goodies might be a good thing too.