Giaks Painting Guide


Here's part two of the painting guide, the turn of the Giaks.

I've gone for two different skin variations, the basic grey and a greyish-green strain. Any requests for the next guide? :)

Download here (250K zipped HTML/JPGs)
Hey thanks Matt, these guides will come in handy when I receive my LW figs in a few days.
The cancellation of ENWorld mag will bring some good after all... :wink:

P.S.: To thank you, I promise I will buy Athena Strain.
Nah, doesn't count as you know I'd buy it anyway.
Giaks on Doomwolves is a likely next candidate :)

BTW, the entire collection of painting guides will be PDFed into a decent-looking book and put up on Tower of the Sun once it's done :)