GenCon Indy



Hello All!

Is there any interest in trying to get together at GC for a game of Conan? I am sure there will be demos but those are sometimes hard to get into and don't last very long.

I would love to try and do something at the con if there is any interest. I would ref BUT would also like to play if others are interested.

PM or reply here and lets generate some interest here for there :)


I was hoping that with you being from Indiana you would say that :)
Nooooo!!!! I'm not going to GEN CON this year....I'm going to Origins for the first time. Darn my bad luck!! Going to Origins Vincent???
Do bribes help? Favorite snack foods?? Flowers???

Alright, enough of that. I'll just cross fingers and hope to see you there...

VincentDarlage said:
I'd be willing to Games Master a game of Conan at GenCon.

I'll be there, working the Guardians of Order booth (demoing The Game of Thrones and The Authority RPGs), but would definitely like to take part in a Conan game run by you.

If you're making a list of players, please include me.
It looks like I will be at GenCon Indy, Vincent. Sign me up. I'll take a break from my rigorous schedule of "hiding from people" and "calling the wife to check on baby" for a Conan session.

I'll be there. Would love to play with Vincent.

Anyone want to set up a rally point?

I was thinking once all of our schedules were known we could try and schedule a block of time. We could use a rally point or bulletin boards or cell phones.

Just my 2 cents

Private note:

HC to LT?
Would people like to see an intro level, 1st-3rd kind of advneture or something else. As I begin putting notes together I thought I would cater to the tastes of those that would like to play?

Let me know here or in PM.

My guess is that like myself, most of us would be happy to play ANY Conan scenario, be it introductory, 1-3rd level, or a higher-level game.
I will love to play any level. I have only gmed, never played. give a time. I'll find a way to join in
Hate to bump a thread twice, but as Gen Con approaches, I am wondering if we can arrange a game of something, or even just a sit-down and chat about the game, setting, etc.

I'm going to be there Wednesday afternoon through Sunday night, so almost anytime would be good, though I've been scheduled to run a game Friday evening for Guardians of Order.

I'm demoing their A Game of Thrones RPG throughout the convention* and if anyone wants to enjoy a different flavor of gritty fantasy, try to register for a session!

* I'm also running demos of their Authority/StormWatch game, but AGoT has more connection to Conan.
I'll be there Thurs- Sunday as well but have a very heavy schedule (albeit flexible) -- perhaps we can use the Mongoose booth as a meeting spot.

Someone could schedule a game there and folks could sign up -- that might be easiest.
I might be attending GenCon for the first time, and I'd love to play a game of Conan (being the GM of my own campaign).