Gangs of Mega-City One Prototypes

Dredd Times

I have just seen the images of Bobs excellent new judges for the upcoming Gangs of MC1 (if you havent seen them already head for the news page RIGHT NOW).

Got to say these have my thrillpowerommiter way in overload and the animation looks really fluid and excellent as one would expect to see coming from one of the best miniature sculptors in the world!

Really cant wait to see these and get my hands on them *hint-hint Matthew*

I for one have already cleared a shelf in my home for Gangs of MC...

Though I reckon either Grudfather or Drokkfather makes a cooler name (hint I didn't like the film) :wink:
Yeah but what I am looking forward to are the crims.... After all the Judges are only a part of the game. I am looking forwards to mintures of
Blitzers and Perps... Though Judges on Bikes... oh yeah baby... :lol:
If perps are your thing, you are going to love this range! As well as a multi-pose/multipart plastic set that will give you punks and juves (the two basic perp types in the game), you will also have a huge range of metal miniatures giving you assassins, blitzers, superheroes, werewolves, med-techs, fatties, futsies, batters, skysurfers, robodogs, Citi-Def soldiers, etc, etc, etc. . .

You are not going to lack for anything in this game :)

Now, if I can just sort out that 30mm scale Manta Prowl Tank. . .
I love the idea of all of those perps and will be sure to snap some up. Some other suggestions for gangs would be:

Boingers (people in bubbles of boing)
Undercity Dwellers

One thing that would really be cool to have though, is the lawmaster. The old GW ones, being made of lead, are very heavy, but a plastic one could be much easier to deal with... and if you made judges that could sit on them, with adjustable poses... that'd be a nice set.

Fingers crossed on the Manta Prowl Tank...

We played around with the idea of Boingers, but you have to have a very serious think about how the miniatures will actually appear. . .

We'll probably leave that one to fans rules, and maybe a fan-written article in S&P.

A Lawmaster is indeed planned, though it will come after all the various specialist judges (and there will be a few of those!). It wil be metal and it will also be _big_ - probably just one (and a rider) in a single blister. Think 40k Marines on bikes, and you get an idea of the scale we are looking at. As for whether such a model will herald a vehicle/road/Megway expansion to the game, well, we'll just have to see how you guys get on with the game!
All kinds of great ideas. Thanks for keeping us posted Matthew. I can see how it would be difficult to manage boingers. I'm trying to imagine ways to do it... possibly with a clear plastic bubble that pops open so you can pose the figure inside... at least that way you could still paint the figures. Maybe the best way to do this would be with a sheet of cardboard cutouts... hmm... perhaps when I get the rules, I'll look into trying to put together some boinger rules.

Does the posibility exist that if such an article was submitted, a thick sheet of paper (color printed) could be in the center of the magazine for people to cut out of better still... have the paper/card perforated?

The specialist judges sound great, as does the lawmaster. I know it's a long way off yet, but I'd recommend having a couple of different riders... a male and a female street judge, a male and a female psi judge (no helmets).

Anyway, it sounds like you have some great things planned, and I look forward to seeing what the end results are.