Galactic Guide: System security DC?


Hi, I wonder what the DC in System security (Galactic Guide) stands for?

Is it:
1. The minimum stealth value of a ship to remain unseen in a system.
2. The DC of a technical/pilot/other skill that the captain or other crewmember has to pass to remain unseen (for an unknown time before having to check again) while in the system.
3. Other meaning (you to know and me to find out :shock: )

I hope someone can shed some light over this, 'cos the answer is cloaked for me :D
Since noone seems to be able to help me out with this one. I have decided to make my own rules about this. I'll probably let it be a Technical: Electronics (DC taken from the book), to remain unseen on the sensors of the system. Also, I think I have to make some sort of timeintervall table, so the check has to be repeated more often the higher the DC is.

Comments, thoughts?

Come on, someone must know something, especially the one that wrote the particular rules about this. I would really like someone elses ideas as well, since it's not impossibly that I have misunderstood something here.
You'd need to modify the skill check based on the ship size and type. A Minbari fighter is going to be a lot more stealthy than an EA civilian liner for example.

Plus the development level and interest in the system will play a part, Centautri prime will have better sensors than say, an outlying colony, and opposing forces will watch each other's border colonies more closely than inner systems.