Future Books


I know this was discussed a while back, but aside from Darklands and the magic sourcebook (both of which I am looking forward to), can any mongooses (mongeese?) give any idea what other LW books are planned for the future?

I know there will be several magic-using classes in the magic book. I love the classes in the main book, but I guess I am wanting reassurances that there will be several more non-magic-using classes in the (hopefully not too distant) future (and maybe some hints as to what they will be).

C'mon, whet my appetite even more!
Of course we know there'll be a Bestiary of Magnamund book coming out at some point, most likely after Magic of Magnamund. After that, my guess is as good as yours!
I'd love to see a bestiary book, hopefully with illustrations! I'm not a stickler for illustrations normally, but I feel a picture of a monster does a lot more for a good description than a paragraph of text. It's worth a thousand words, you know. :wink:

I, too, would like to see more classes worked up. Ogrons as PCs, Noodnics, border rangers, pathfinders, etc... My players are used to the plethora of classes and races D&D provides, and are not familiar with the original books. (I've shown them projectaon.org several times, and I'm reluctant to loan them my signed books until they appreciate what they're holding.)

Also, a regional guide, with more detail on each country, typical encounters there, and mostly removable, detailed maps, detailing some of the smaller cities, towns and sites of interest would be invaluable. Information on regional threats, like cults and other organizations, important people... All sorts of fun regional details! I realize that this is one of the bigger projects, but I'd pay a hefty sum for a detailed look at Magnamund.

A word or two from Mr. Dever would make me happier than words allow, too. :)

Well, clearly there is an awful lot we can do! The plan is to get Darklands (just back from the printers and off to distributors next week!) and Magic of Magnamund out of the way first and see how Lone Wolf is taking to the marketplace - all signs thus far are very positive.

We have already discussed a Bestiary (fully illustrated!) and then, of course, there are so many region books we can do - and that is quite aside from adventures and/or campaigns.

Stay tuned!
Dreaming is free but can we hope to see in the bestiary some of the original artworks pictured by Gar Chalk ? I know that Gary Chalk has made his artowrk free of copyrights for the Project Aon so I don't thinks it would be a problem.

I'm very aware that using such old pictures would be passeist, that we must look forward etc etc. But, as for myself and I don't think I'm alone, nostalgia is a strong component of the interest I have in this RPG. Artwork by Gary Chalk would be a "link" to the original gamebooks that I would really appreciate.
Hi there,

I regret to say that we are not allowed to use Gary Chalk's original Lone Wolf artwork (hence it not appearing in the main rulebook).
Have you guys talked with Gary Chalk about doing new artwork for the books? Or how about Brian Williams! (my personal favorite!) I would love to see some of brians work on covers and as interior work.