Full-Time Troubleshooters


Banded Mongoose
Now that being a troubleshooter is a full-time job instead of something done on the side after you've finished your day job at a service firm, is it assumed that there's just a big backlog of troubleshooter missions (so that there's never a day with nothing to do)? Do troubleshooters spend most of their time doing mundane jobs without being part of service groups?

What are the actual implications of troubleshooters no longer doing anything other than troubleshooting? They presumably worked for some service group long enough that they had their potential recognized, but then they left that group when they got their new job.

tl;dr Do we infer that if you're a troublehooter it's all missions all the time?
In my game, you become a full-time troubleshooter. Between missions, you train, participate in team collaboration seminars, or perform tasks at Troubleshooter headquarters. These in turn depend on your previous service group.