Fresh request for the B5 1st ed to 2E conversion document


Answering another thread made me think.

As well as converting classes, races, equipment, weapons, ships across, we'll also need conversions for other vehicle types.

I'd like to "third" this second request for an conversion document. Character and prestige classes at least...Influence needs to be addressed primarily...

I fortheth :) this request : I just recently bought the Centauri, Earth Force and Minbari Fact books because I wanted more background for my players (and by the way, I then understood why I couldn't find anything on age, height and weight in the Core rulebook...) and there's so much stuff in there I wish I could use...(of course they're still helpful but a more complete conversion system would help... )
Apologies guys, I had hoped to have it up by now. The chaps here have been very busy, but I'll see what I can do. . .
While I appreciate Matthew's promise to look into it, I remain skeptical. Those of you from the UK may not know it, but my home state of Missouri in the US is known as the "Show-Me State". I need to know that I can convince my gamers to convert our existing B5 campaign from 1e to 2e. And to convince them to make the switch I need to show them a conversion document that works, unlike the dross seen at the back of the 2e book.

I understand that people are busy there, as deadlines still need to be met, but promises should be kept. That means if a company says its going to be retro-compatable then I expect it to be as promised. When the company says they will make it right, I expect to see something before a quarter of a year has passed. I'm hoping that Mongoose comes through this time.
You are the Game Master, you do not need to convince your players, you switch edition as smoothly as possible. All they need to know : it's the same universe, the same game but better and thet just have to have fun as always and for the conversion document. Be like every GM here (and me too) and try to be patient.

Faënril, 2nd edition playtestind at the end of august
I'm not totally switching to 2nd edtion. There are some screwy things I DON"T like about 2nd edtion and my group will not use them. It involves the Ships and ship to ship combat!