Free Download - Aslan Corporation Benefit

1. Casino.

2. Restaurant chain.

3. Farmland/lifestock.

4. Rational: reinvestment of capital; also, collective bargaining, collective facilities and hardware for agricultural activities.

5. Clan members get a share in proportion of their contribution, whether financial initial offering, or subsequent labour.
Thanks for posting that - it's a cool improvement over what's in the books.

I would comment that the average payout of Cr12,500 per year is pretty generous compared to taking Cr10,000 for a clan share as cash upfront (maybe that's the "male Aslan discount" coming through). I think when I was thinking about this, I thought it should be 1D/5% (0.2% - 1.2%) as a payout, which would give Cr 1000-6000 per year.

The finance pedant in me would comment that having Cr500,000 in assets versus having Cr500,000 in equity are two very different things (I imagined the firm having Cr500,000 of assets, but Cr450,000 of debt, resulting in Cr50,000 of equity).

Note that a payout of Cr1000-6000 per year is pretty reasonable based on Cr50,000 of equity, being 2-12% as an annual return. A Cr12,500 payout is pretty generous if one assumes Cr50,000 of equity involved in the above, but more reasonable if one assumes a lower level of debt.