Fortifications Q


OK, so that little fold-up platform thing that came in the boxed set, is that supposed to be a platform or a weapon emplacement?
No one else has any opinion on this? C'mon, guys, I build cardstock terrain like it's going to save the world and I need to know what these things are. I've built similar ones for the Skinnies (using Worldwroks mars Station walls wrapped around some old CD's for slightly taller, circular emplacements) and I'm not sure how I should be buying this stuff for my forces.
IIRC, it's supposed to be a bunker. That's what I remember (and I have an excellent memory), and I'm sticking to my story. :D

Now, where did I put my.... what was I looking for again?

Aw, hell. :oops:

CmdrKiley is correct as there is no specific reference in the rules, but it can serve nicely as a bunker, ammo dump, or small fortification. The rules do have sufficient guidance however to be able to assign values to structures that you might want to use, such as your cardstock terrain. The Tehnolog kits such as the Hexagon and Platformer boxes are very useful for SST, as you might have noticed on the forums.
Hey Punkrabbit,

Everything I have seen in print anywhere says the included cardboard structure is supposed to be a bunker.

I would guess you could go to the structure portion of the rulebook and apply those rules and pay the points cost as whatever you like.

I haven't really dealt with structures in the game as yet; pointswise etc.
Just general terrain.

Hope my jabbering helps you. :D :D