Formal Vote - Conan Annual

What would you rather?

  • Buy Signs & Portents only

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  • Buy Conan Annual only

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  • Buy S&P and Conan Annual

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  • Not interested in Conan S&P articles enough to purhcase

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Taking into account that I'm collecting pretty much every Mongoose product line, I want my S&P subscription as I can use the entire mag.

That said, it's inconvenient to go looking up older stuff and would also buy collected line-specific compilations such as a Conan annual. As I've mentioned elsewhere, annuals would also be a great place to put the errata for each product.
I enjoy reading S&P - but I only use/play the Conan and if there were a choice I would buy a Conan Annual, thinking it would contain the S&P articles and some new stuff.
I'd rather buy separate mags for Conan, B5...whatever, than get less all in a single mag. Even if it was bi-monthly, I'd prefer one game per magazine.
Since I currently only play Conan, I really don't need S&P, and would definately buy an annual. Having said that, I think S&P has it's place and have seen some material could use.
Though I voted for Conan only, this kind of vote isn't fair because it is in the Conan section of the forum. So most people should be interested in Conan and it isn't representative of what Mongoose has to expect.
I have the Judge Dredd game, but haven't played it yet, and wouldn't mind articles for that.

However, the main focus for me is Conan. I don't really need the other stuff in S&P. Would love a Conan Annual.

I could see where an anuual would be a good resource to purchase. I vote YES! I would still buy S&P though. An annual would allow me to have everything CONAN at my fingertips without having to hunt through back issues of S&P.
I feel the same as most people apparently. I'd rather buy a Conan article annual than the whole magazine regularly. I have a hard enough time affording all the books when they and as they come out, subscribing is out of the question.

I also wouldn't mind seeing the articles individually on RPGNow, I'd probably pick up them up there if they were available.