For April Release

5.56 Surgeon

Now I'm still uneasy about this whole pre painted stuff, but I got to thinking. Starting in April, each of the four armies gets a release. OK, sounds good.

However, I was wondering what the first line of minis would be, and since info is somewhat limited, I had a suggestion.

M.I.- Cap Troopers, Pathfinders, LAMI, and Marauders. Include an officer set that have specific and unique looking officers for each of the army types.

Bugs- Warriors, Plasma, Brain and Tanker.

Skinnies- Raiders, Soldiers, Guards, and Slaves. Include an Army leader set for said armies.

Forth- I haven't got a freaking clue.

Make these the first line of releases so that there are varied armies to start with.

What do you guys think?
Matt mentioned what each faction will be getting in april in his announcement - MI get LAMI and Grizzlies, Bugs get Warriors and the Tanker, Forth get the warrior and Command suits (I think), and I can't reember what Skinnies get.
Lorcan Nagle said:
and I can't reember what Skinnies get.

Raiders and warriors I think.

After that I would assume CAP trooppers and M8 marauders and then aircrafts(since they are supposed to come early) for MI. For bugs hoppers, blasters/blisters(hopefully they redesign them so they are distinct enough) and plasma bug/brain for early releases. For skinnies I would expect guard and maybe militia/slaves be among first + aircraft for them(didn't Matt say something along skinnie aircraft? Or maybe he meant those speeders...).

For Forth no idea :D
Voracioustigger said:
I'm looking at the next round of releases now, and you're never gonna guess in a million years what they are :wink:

Maybe you could give us a hint?-) Maybe something related to airforces perhaps?
Skinnies will be getting raiders and soldiers alledgedly. Matt also said something about a re-sculpt. 8) They are only bringing out the minis they are proud of. The others are being re-sculpted. (Thats what I gathered).
I just reread the Evo post, and yes it says LAMI and Exos. However my suggestion was to enlarge the premier units to add more flavor to the first run.
Besides, CAP troopers are a pain in the ass to put together anyway.