First printing collectability?

E Nicely

I've never really kept up on the collectability of any old RPGs. Beyond saying "I wish I would have kept that old book because it's worth money now.". I've been roleplaying for 24 years and have never been too attached to my old stuff, I do some trading for newer stuff here and there.

So my question to the more informed members of these boards is: Does anyone think the first printing of the Conan RPG will become valuable /collectible? With so much of a buzz about The Sons of Cimmeria program (thanks again Mongoose) and the 2nd printing will the 1st printing become instantly valuable? I've already written my initials in my book since I game at the LGS sometimes, don't like the stick fingered types. So I'll be cutting out the corner to get my discounted 2P book.
Possibly. There exists a collectors market of RPGs, and some stuff is very collectable, though from my experience of collecting Call of Cthulhu material, avalibility is the key.

1st and 2nd Editions of the rules, are palled by much more recent material, that was probably avalible on a wider basis (particually the published campaigns). Even the 3rd printing of Masks of Nyarlthotep will better a mint 2nd Edition boxed set (and often a first) simply because it is out of print. Even the recent Delta Green Countdown has a higher sale value on Ebay than earlier editions of the rules.

Also modules are much more collectable than rulebooks, simply because theres more demand, and they are scarcer (each group will have one module, but may have several rulebooks).

Of course Misprints often become collectable, but not usually when they apply to the entire run (unless almost everyone cuts theirs up).

Interesting sidenote. A signed terry prachett hardback is much less collectable than an unsigned one....

only ever collect what you enjoy....
There are exceptions to every rule, but in all honesty with the second printing a few months off you're probably going to get some use out of your book. I guess there's some people that can keep a book looking perfect even with constant use, but something you use on a regular basis is going to get wear and tear, those devalue books as it is, so what's an extra corner cut out of it right? If you want a book to collect and gain value, you'd want to go buy a brand new copy of the book and store it somewhere. I wouldn't worry too much about one corner in the back of the book.
Right. I have no intention of keeping any of my gaming books in pristine condition. Just curious as to whether I have a possible collector's item.
If the first edition had been a few books only, it would probably get some collector value. But as they sold a bunch of them, it will more probably be a second hand bargain after the second printing arrives. But thats just my guess.

Very very few RPG items ever get to be collectible, and most of those are from the early days of RPGing, or are just very very rare.

For instance, the various early RPGA D&D modules.

Also, the circumstance can have a big effect. The why. For instance, if something was supposedly "banned" or "recalled" for legal purposes, then it can add to the desireability. (Like the recalled version of B3 for D&D, or the Deities & Demigods with Cthulhu, which isn't even that rare, but is in demand largely due to hype and misinformation). But in this case, it's due to bad editing.
Well, the only collector's items I can think of would be actual collector's runs. Like back when FASA came out with Earth Dawn they had a special edition of 1500 or so books made (i have number 467).

With this in mind, I believe, though I could be well off on this topic, any item that has been signed by certain authors or playtesters could increase the value of the book. Like baseball cards signed by the players. Baseballs signed by the hitters. So on.

With that said, I do have that Earthdawn book signed by a playtester and the old FASA creator of both Battletech and Earthdawn.

My current Conan book from Mongoose is signed by 4 individuals. I hope that this will increase the value. But, like my ancient and not so valued 1st edition magic cards, I use them. I don't keep them in pristine shape.

One note. The old Deities and Demi-gods boook of AD&D might be worth something. I have the original book with the Melibone (sp?) and Cthulu (sp?) mythos in my book. That right there might be a collectors item. Since it caused a lawsuit or two. But, not signed.

Who knows.
Yeah, I used to have that same Dieties and Demigods. Had some issues of Dragon magazine that I later saw being sold for $15-20 apeice.

Well, no loss concerning Conan and it not being valuable. I'll have a "loaner" copy for my players to use once I get the 2nd printing.