Finally! Some of My Home-made Judge Dredd minis


I am very excited for the upcoming Judge Dredd miniatures game.

As you will see below, I have had to make do with scratch-builds and conversions up till now.

I was going to post the pictures right in this thread, but there are a lot of them, and I'm afraid that it might be taxing on the resources of these forums.

Rather than be a rude guest, I have pasted links below:

First up, we have three of the infamous "Deuce And A Half Gang". The gang is composed entirely of fatties.


Next up are some of my Judge Conversions. One is a Heavy Weapons Judge:

Warhammer 40K Space Marine bikes make decent Lawmasters in a pinch. My next few will have proper eagles sculpted onto the front:

The first JD scenarion I ever ran featured an intelligent ape gangster wielding a laser-cutter. Ah, memories...


Finally, we have some mini made special for my recent Judge Dredd vs Aliens game. I ran the game twice and it was a huge success! I plan on putting it up somewhere online for you all to see soon.


That's it for now, apart from my Mechanismo (which got it's own thread). Feedback is always appreciated, but bear in mind that alot of these mini's are several years old (so be nice!) ;)


Wow, and I say again, wow! These are really good.

Out of the fatties, I like fattie 1 the best "Just Eat It" :)

Female Judge 2 looks a lot like the girl from That 70's Show. Very cool.

I like how the heavy weapons judge came out. Very nice armor.

I also love the lawmasters. They are not perfect, but it doesn't matter. They look close enough to be perfect for an rpg.

You really have talent. If you ever make extras to give to friend in exchange for some local currency, let me know.

How did you make the face-hugger tank?

Actually, could you give tips on how you make most of them? Which figures did you start out with and what sculpting equipment did you use. I wish I had the skill to make something like this.

Thanks for sharing them with us.

Thanks, Arabin, you're too kind!

Most of these are conversions, which just means that they started out as a model for a completely different game, and I just changed them to suit my JD game.

For example, most of the male Judges are Adeptus Arbites from Warhammer 40K. I just sculpted on extra shoulder pads.

The two standing female Judges are troopers from a mini game called Warzone. Again, I sculpted on shoulder pads, and in this case, badges and chain.

The female Judge on the Lawmaster is actually Electra from the first run of Marvel HeroClix, with plenty of new "stuff" sculpted on (like a helmet).

When I sculpt new parts on, I use kneadtite epoxy, or "green stuff", as it is commonly called in the US. I built a special oven so that I can get the putty to harden (more or less) in about 20 minutes.

The monkey with the las-cutter was actually a monkey going on all fours from a set of plastic jungle animals I found in the toy store. I had to cut and reset his legs and arms, and then sculpt the shorts and safety glasses on.

As for the facehugger tank, I sculpted the facehugger itself (again, the kneadtite epoxy). The tube is a coin roller tube. I then filled it with a substance called "acrylic water" that sets hard as plastic in 48 hours, but you mix as a liquid.

It should also be noted that my brilliant wife made the Alien eggs, from Fimo.

Thanks for your interest. I plan on posting more miniatures stuff, as well as the adventure itself, very soon.
Thanks again Gospog. Even with knowing how you do it, I still don't know how you do it :) You have a real eye for seeing what a figure can become, and a talent for making the change. Great job.

One day, if you get any spare time, it might be nice to put together a modeling guide for some of your creations. Marc Farrimond has put up an excellent painting guide for the new Judge figures from Mongoose, but I don't recall seeing anything anywhere that would help people to craft as you do.

As always, I'm looking forward to seeing more miniatures from you as well as the adventure.

Oh, and tell your wife that she did a great job on the eggs. They look really realistic as well.