Got the new lone wolf book. Mostly, this is the culmination of gaming as i know it. The lone wolf books were the books that got me into gaming years ago. But i have a question: are the characters supposed to gain feats? Can we introduce them as an optional system? The reason i ask is that i would like to import lone wolf classes into my dnd (non-magnumund)campaign.

Also, would there be aproblem with having the core classes in magnumund?
Well I have yet to receive my copy <grumbles>, but August mentioned in another thread that LW wasn't being designed to fit flawlessly in a regular D&D game. Likewise, the core classes will feel somewhat overpowered. But for the inclusion of feats, there is supposed to be a chapter (or part of) to help you with that.

I will wait to try at least one adventure with my group before deciding which way to go. But as we mostly play a "rule-light d20", I'm sure LW is just what the doctor ordered...
Point One: The game is designed with the assumption that the characters will NOT gain feats. Many of them have soime form feats built into their descriptions, which is one of the things that makes them seem more powerful then 'standard' classes. If they gained feats, this would only be execerbated, though if you want to, enjoy! (I would love to see the sheer carnage a Knight of Sommerlund with fighter feats could accomplish... :) )

Point Two: Any optional system is just that, optional. Of course you can do this, because ~it is your game~. Do anything you want. Make Helgedad the centre of culture and learning in the free world. make Kai the God of Evil. Give Grey Star a decent haircut. Put Lone Wolf in something (anything) besides green. Go nuts. :D

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Mongoose August said:
Put Lone Wolf in something (anything) besides green.

N... not green? :shock: Lone Wolf ... clothed in .... something besides green?

How can you even think such ... horrible thoughts? :cry:

Paido :wink: