Feats Don't Fail Me Now!

Yogah of Yag

Feats in the Core Rules

My intention is to devise a complete, concise system of abbreviations for Feats, Skills, Combat Manoeuvres and other game features for the purpose of economy of expression, especially since this would make (N)PC stat blocks and character sheets cleaner and neater. Ideally any abbreviation should contain between two to four characters, averaging three apiece. Any exceptions to the previous should be extremely rare, if at all possible. The asterisk preceding each code indicates that the feat is to be located in the Core Rules. Other future conventions are as follows:

! Road of Kings
# Hyboria's Fiercest
: Scrolls of Skelos
^ Hyboria's Finest
+ Hyboria's Fallen
< Aquilonia: Flower of the West
= Free Companies
> Pirate Isles

and so on.


*2WC Two-Weapon Combat Proficiency
*2WD Two-Weapon Defence
*ACR Acrobatic
*ADE Adept
*AGI Agile
*AKS Akbitanan Smith
*ALE Alertness
*ANA Animal Affinity
*APH Armour Proficiency, heavy
*APL Armour Proficiency, light
*APM Armour Proficiency, medium
*ARB Archer's Bane
*AST Armoured Stealth
*ATH Athletic
*AUS Augment Summoning
*BLF Blind-Fight
*BRA Brawl
*CAR Carouser
*CGR Crushing Grip
*CLV Cleave
*COR Combat Reflexes
*COX Combat Expertise
*DAB Dabbler
*DEC Deceitful
*DHA Deft Hands
*DIH Diehard
*DIL Diligent
*DKL Demon Killer
*DMA Defensive Martial Arts
*DOD Dodge
*END Endurance
*FAT Flyby Attack
*FFO Fleet-Footed
*FMA Fighting Madness
*FML Focused Magical Link
*FSH Far Shot
*GCL Great Cleave
*GCT Greater Critical
*GFO Great Fortitude
*GPS Gunderland Pike-and-Shield Fighting
*GSU Greater Sunder
*GWF Greater Weapon Focus
*GWS Greater Weapon Specialization
*HEX Hexer
*HOR Horde
*I2W Improved Two-Weapon Combat
*IBR Improved Bull Rush
*ICA Eyes of the Cat
*ICT Improved Critical
*IDI Improved Disarm
*IFE Improved Feint
*IGR Improved Grapple
*IIN Improved Initiative
*INV Investigator
*IOV Improved Overrun
*IPS Improved Precise Shot
*IRW Iron Will
*ISU Improved Sunder
*ISW Intricate Swordplay
*ITR Improved Trip
*IUS Improved Unarmed Strike
*KNO Knowledgeable
*LDP Leadership
*LFO Light-Footed
*LRF Lightning Reflexes
*MAC Mounted Archery
*MCM Mounted Combat
*MEN Menacing Aura
*MOB Mobility
*MSL Monster Slayer
*MUA Multiattack
*MWP Martial Weapon Proficiency
*NAV Navigation
*NEG Negotiator
*NIF Nimble Fingers
*NOH No Honour
*OPS Opportunistic Sacrifice
*PAR Parry
*PAT Power Attack
*PBS Point Blank Shot
*PCO Pirate Code
*PER Performer
*PRI Priest
*PSH Precise Shot
*PSV Persuasive
*PUS Poison Use
*QUD Quick Draw
*RBA Ride-By Attack
*RFP Reflexive Parry
*RIS Ritual Sacrifice
*RNF Ranged Finesse
*RPS Rapid Shot
*RUN Run
*SAR Superior Armourer
*SES Self-Sufficient
*SHP Shield Proficiency
*SKF Skill Focus
*SLM Sleep Mastery
*SNS Sneak Subdual
*SOB Sorcerer's Boon
*SOR Shot on the Run
*SPC Spirited Charge
*SPE Weapon Specialisation
*STA Stunning Attack
*STC Striking Cobra
*STG Steely Gaze
*STY Stealthy
*SUM Summoner
*SWP Simple Weapon Proficiency
*TOU Toughness
*TRK Track
*TRM Trample
*TSC Tortured Sacrifice
*WDE Web of Death
*WEF Weapon Focus
*WHA Whirlwind Attack
*XWP Exotic Weapon Proficiency
*ZIN Zingaran Surprise
Padre said:
Why use abstract symbols for various supplements?

So that the source can easily be identified. This is a recommendation to make notes neater, take up less room, and to help people remember the location of information. Just some ideas for my fellow Hyborian Adventurers!
How about some wacky symbols like....

AE = Atlantean Edition
ROK = Road of Kings
SOS = Scrolls of Skellos
PI = Pirate Isles


There's also the item number on the spine of each publication.

Sutek said:
How about some wacky symbols like....

AE = Atlantean Edition
ROK = Road of Kings
SOS = Scrolls of Skellos
PI = Pirate Isles


Exactly. At least you don't have to remember what does each symbol stand for.
Great idea! A doc (PDF, word) with all the FEATS would be great too.

I also like better AE=Atlantean Edition, rather than %!=Atlantean Edition :D
I have a list of Feats and Combat Maneuvers (word doc, not complete though) that uses the following:

RoK - Road of Kings
FC - Free Companies
PI - Pirate Isles
SS - Scrolls of Skelos
Shad - Shadizar Box Set
AQ - Aquilonia
TR - Beyond the Thunder River

With all the new supplements in recent months (I have alot of reading debt), how about the following too:

Fier - Hyboria's Fiercest
Fine - Hyboria's Finest
Fall - Hyboria's Fallen
Mess - Messantia box set

3-letter codes would be good, only problem would be the Hyboria's supplements.
I think everyone has missed the point. My idea was to give 3-letter codes for feats, combat manoeuvres, etc. to take up less room on character sheets, notes, and so forth. The codes to identify the source are not necessary, but would make it easier to look things up. Jeez. You can do whatsoever you like. These are just suggestions. Later I will add all other feats from the supplements. Peace out.