Feat Acquisition Question


Hey All!

New to the forums, and the game. Also have limited experience with D20 games (although I've run WOTC Star Wars a few times). Still getting the hang of Feats in this game and have a question. I've parused some of the past posts on Feats and want to make sure I understand things correctly.

1. Characters gain new Feats at 1st, 3rd, 6th, and so on Levels automatically.
2. If a character is in the Class that is favored by his race, he gains an additional Feat at 1st, 5th, and 10th levels (equaling two feats at first level, and these are in addition to any Feats recieved automatically for that class at first level, eg. Track for Barbarians).
3. Some Classes, such as the Soldier, recieve yet MORE Feats at certain levels. These are in addition to any others. So, for example, a soldier actually recieves 3 bonus Feats at first level (so long as this Class is favored by his race).

These are the only ways in which Feats can be acquired, correct?

Just getting into the game and trying to compile rules in a word document to keep things straight for myself and my players.

Very excited about the game and glad to be involved.

Sorry if this has been specifically addressed in a past post that I missed.

Thanks for your time,