favourite slaine bad guys

which are your favourite bad guys

  • drunes

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  • titans

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  • formorrians

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  • midguard raiders

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  • fir Bolg

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Out of your list I would pick the Fomors, cause they fill the Orc nitch of known popular fantacy.

BUt You didn't include the Cythrons, Orgots, Dilluvials, Devels, to name a few others.

Slaine has quite alot of enemies.
How about Slaine Villains? ( I only use this term loosely, as I think they are all Villainess, including Slaine.)

I'll just list the obivous ones.

Lord Weird Slough Feg.

Elfric the Devel Prince.

Balor, Formorian Leader.

Guledig, Cythron leader.

Moloch, Formorian royalty.

Morhalt, Elfric's Brother

Odacon, Leader of the Sea Devils.

They are few, though I know there are more.

Did I mention Rome.
Who ever they are, if they don't back off, then I serioulsly think about drawing a weapon & I would be more likely to if they were in large numbers.