favourite slaine bad guys

which are your favourite bad guys

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  • titans

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  • formorrians

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  • midguard raiders

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Yes I most enjoy the Fomorians however bring on the Norsemen anyday now there are some badass muther- :evil: 'ers!!! Some great baddies I cannot wait to toss at my players soon enougH!!!

Coming in droves they will!!!! :twisted:
haha... i'll see what i can bring from Rune... should be awesome...

im pretty sure i wont be able to submit them as monsters for the PDF.... but hey, more monsters are always good
do what mongoose did with demons and other closed wizard content change the name and a few minor details and then publish away :D but you didnt hear that from me :lol:
im not terribly surprised, honestly..lol

i have mostly given up on 3rd ed.. i wont run it anymore, i might do some Scarred Lands, or some Slaine... but thats probably about it
I never bought 3.5 and will not buy 4 if that is the stupid talk of suits who have no idea about the gaming business. Screw them I'm not shelling out another $100-$200 bucks for more useless and not needed core rule books when the first set were not even out a year and they were already making revisions.....buncha asses! :p
well trust me, the first revision they did was definately needed... when 3.0 first came out, there was ALOT of mistakes... it was fixed in the second printing of the book..

and of course 3,5.... heh... well i dont have much to say about it, other than... bout time they did SOMETHING to the ranger other than making people play clones of Drizzt or Aragorn.
I bought the 3.0 and don't expect to put anymore money into the Wizards products only the odd OGL franchises such as Slaine/Judge Dredd. Wizards can bite me as far as I'm concerned money grubbing no good fer nuthin's! :p

as far as 3rd ed goes... i have bought

the 3 main books for 3rd ed (WOTC)
slaine (mongoose)
mutants and masteminds (green ronin)
Scarred Lands (sword and sorcery/white wolf)
the cleric book that wotc put out
the sorceror and wizard book

thats about it... dont plan on spending anything else..

oh... well ok i bought some of the prepainted minis, because its cool to have some..lol
must amit it is mongoose,green ronin and other independants for me now even stopped subscriptions too both dragon and polyhedron due too the poor in my quality that the last years have brought :shock: avioding wizards like the plague 8)
hehe.... i pick up a dragon or dungeon occasionally, but since its all about 3rd ed, i find myself putting them baco n the shelf when i do pick em up
I voted for Formor.
I read that a soucebook on this bad guys was initialy planed.
It would be good if Mongoose could publish it.

The thing is that all Slaine books are made for 3.0 and not for 3.5 and I can't imagine a new book with the "old" rules.
Well they couldn't imagine the new books with the old rules either..... :(

Still by far the most original, and highest quality, product that Mongoose have ever done
I like the Celtic feeling the could give to these books. I liked it so much that I recently bought the 4 tribes booklets what I usually never do.

I like the layout, simple and clear.

Though I am not a fan of the illustrations, I like the graphic art.

I most appreciate the huge campaign for beginners.

I would definitly love some more sourcebooks on the subject with the same system.

Conan is great too but I still reproach the absence of errata for those like me that have the 1st printing. And that makes a great difference.