Favorite Cytbernet lines


Just curious,

I know there are some great lines out there, ones that have come up in various roleplaying sessions. So Share!!!
Here are some of the ones that have come up in our group:

"I only meant to maim her" - said after a critical hit to a leg that caused death.

<knock><knock>"Open up, security" - said at the door of the security chief, who responded by burning a clip into the door from the other side. Character dead.

"You don't get it do you? Your already dead." said to a ganger that just kicked over the solo's ride.

while planting bombs in a corp fuel depot, the agreed upon timer setting was 5 minutes. The crazy solider, while planting bombs, radios the ex-cop planting bombs on the other side of the compound and says, "5 minutes shows a total lack of comitment don't you think." 30 seconds later the bombs start blowing.

Some movie/TV lines that have made it in to our games.

"Screw the bonus!"
"He's smiling? That ain't good."
"Big guns, we need Big guns. NO BIG BIG guns."
"There is always some stupid chummer trying to ice scate uphill."
"You got bullets? THEN SHOOT!!!"

"There will be fire, lots of fire. And screaming! Some of that too! You all will die!!!" - said by a player after some psycho clowns blew up his newly "acquired" house.
Has anyone here read RTG's Cyberpunk GM Guide called "Listen up you Primative Screwheads"?

It's an awsome book for any Cyberpunk Genre game!

There is a section called Murphy's Rules of Combat.
In it you have:

Friendly fire isn't
Supressive fire doesn't
The enemy attacks only at two times: When you're ready & when you're not.
Fortify your location well enough that the enemy cannot possibly get in and you won't be able to get out!

Smart little tidbits of good info when in a fight :)