Far Scouts Reimagined - Ramscoops and Collectors

Or you could declare that the ramscoops are designed to be sealed for entry in atmosphere, allowing streamlined vessels to mount them, adding nothing to the mass but costing three times extra.
When in doubt, keep everything the same but jack up the price 300%. That's the Traveller way.
The ramscoop is just a powerful magnetic funnel, switch it off.
I suspect there could be a gravitic element, also. There's nothing that says that ramscoops can't be designed to act as fuel collectors and exotic Jump particle collectors at the same time, storing the hydrogen fuel in the fusion tanks and the Jump juice in the J-drive's capacitors, or did nobody think of that when they wrote High Guard?

I won't be posting a rewrite of the Rift Runner or DSB above to combine collectors and ramscoops and make them available for streamlined ships, allowing them to land on planets with atmospheres. You can do that, and see how much extra cargo space your ships can save.
So now we need to think of rules for collectors and ramscoops to account for the idea that they may be activated only for short periods of time, such as three days while the Travellers head for the surface in a shuttle, and the shipboard crew just unfolds the collectors to top up the Jump capacitors rather than have to refill them completely, or makes a brisk four-day jaunt around the star and back again before the Travellers have wrapped up their latest assassination attempt or heist and collected their pay.