Fantasy Grounds (Unity)


Banded Mongoose
I recently bought Fantasy Grounds Unity (the forever licence, not the monthly)

There are a few systems I would love to see on there, and one of those of course is Legend.

Looking at the forums, this page lists the companies willing to allow officially licenced lines:

And despite having every other IP that Mongoose own, Legend is not on there. WHY!? (Or do I need to read "Runequest" as encompassing Legend? If so they should state this more clearly).

Mongoose Publishing (Contracting for individual product lines as they arive)
RuneQuest -- extension to the BRP ruleset (in progress by phantomwhale)
Battlefield Evolution
Traveller (in progress by Colin Richardson)
2000 AD
Elric of Melnibone
Lone Wolf
Flaming Cobra
Pax Britannica
Sniper Elite
The Afterblight Chronicles
Tomes of the Dead
Twilight of Kerberos
Victory at Sea
Signs & Portents
Judge Dredd
Open Gaming License Materials published under Mongoose

If Legend is included in that "Runequest" remit, what does that mean? Does that mean I/Anyone can transcribe Legend into FGU and sell it? Or does it have to be free? Or would I/whoever submit it for sale and then FGU speak to Mongoose to decide what cut FG+Mongoose get?
I would reckon that the Runequest thing on Fantasy Grounds is the Chaosium Runequest. It's their trademark and I can't see why they'd include Legend on it. Legend would need to be its own thing. I don't know how the OGL would work on it though.
Carew, read the above list - Mongoose have given allowance to do Runequest insofar as it is an extension of the BRP ruleset.

But I would like to know how Legend fits into it all. It is after all systemless until you add something in like Spider Gods Bride, Historia Rodentia etc. But none of that is mentioned/listed.
Yeah, but that's just it. Mongoose don't own or even license the Runequest trademark anymore. Or Hawkmoon or Elric. So how can they be offering these? They don't have Conan or Lone Wolf anymore either. The BRP ruleset is Chaosium's so what's Mongoose's involvement here? The link to that Unity post is from 2009 when they probably did have all those licenses. But they don't have them now.
This is true, they did loose RuneQuest use years ago, which is why it became Legend and system-less apart from plug-ins.

So it would be nice to know if someone would be able to build a Legend VTT ruleset for Fantasy Grounds from Matt/Mongoose. (It's not something I'd ever do particularly well lol)