Ever invented your own secret society?

Big Evil

I'm making my own Paranoia game now. (And to think, just a while back I was but a n00b myself. :p ) and there is a new secret society, it's so secret players cannot even join it! It's the first secret society to ever actually "worry" the computer.

Wizards Around the Coast.

WAC seems to have discoverd aincent relics outside Alpha Complex, relics that unlock ways of manifesting untold amounts of power. They've started applying these "spells" in and out of alpha complex, freely going in and out much like the rebels do in The Matrix only with less hinderance. (No need to answer a phone, just make a few gestures to rip a hole in space and time and go through.)

Spells are terribly treasonist, so treasonist infact if you suspect a spell is being cast to shoot or otherwise maim the person casting the spell on sight, no questions asked.

The computer has become so desperate to dispose of this new threat it's put this secret society as top priority. Even above commies! Sometimes the computer even allows other secret societies besides FCCC-P to work alongside it if only to help get rid of more wizards. Strange alliances have been formed, and even some GMs who were quite use to GMing Paranoia are both suprised and pleased with the results that they don't have to be so secret about thier alleigances as long as we share as a common enemy. (Though the computer and it's followers should still take every oppurtunity they can to see to the demise of a traitor. Wizard or otherwise.)

What about you? Ever invented your own secret society that revolutionized the already parfect Paranoia? :D
Your secsoc makes newly-created scrubots cry, unless you restrict this to ZAP games.

It's really, really hard to create a good secret society that doesn't tread in the territory of the pre-existing ones, and is viable in all styles of play.
If I invent a society, it's only for a one-shot deal, to further a campagin or a mission. Once that is done, I throw it away.

More likely, I make subgroups of the main societies in general. Basically groups that are spilnters and believe in ideas that the main society would not accept.
Always wanted to run a game where all of the PCs are of the same secret society but different factions. Bit like the collesium scene in Life of Brian

Brian: Are you the Judean People's front?

Rebel Leader: F*** off!

Brian: What?

Rebel Leader: We're the People's Front of Judea!
I like to do that all the time. :)

But in fairness, if you want to learn all the subfactions and splinter cells of the society, buy The Traitor's Manual. It has a lot of details about the 16 main socieites, details you may use when crafting your own society.