Encounters in Hell


I have been working up encounter tables as my parties globe their way around the mountains and hill of the Infernum. Gleaning through Books 1 and 2 as best I could, and making allowances for the current political situation, and the political situation as it will exist at the start of my Campaign, I devised the following table to allow for Reactions between Player Demon's and NPC Demon's when they encounter each other. These are, of course, intended only as an outline, and other factors could have a play in a NPC's party's reaction.

The possible reactions are:
A = Allied, the NPC's could be called upon to provide aid.
F = Friendly, The NPC's will not attack, may supply aid (for a price)
N = The NPC's will not attack, but will not help.
U = Unfriendly, the NPC's may attack, especially if they outnumber
the party heavily.
H = Hostile, Attack, Ambush, Pursuit, all possible.

AS = Astyanath-The Cruel
CA = Carthenay - The Hoarders
GL = Glabretch - the Putrid
HA = Haimon-the Deathly
LC = Lictat, The Usurpers
OB = Pblurott-the Gross
RI = Riethii - The Seducers
ST = Sturrach - The Bloody
ZE = Zethu, the Unveilers

----- AS -- CA --GL -- HA -- LC -- OB -- RI -- ST -- ZE

AS --- X --- N --- U --- N --- U --- N --- A --- U --- A
CA --- N --- X --- U --- N --- U --- F --- N --- A --- N
GL --- U --- U --- X --- U --- U --- U --- U --- U --- U'
HA --- N --- N --- U --- X --- N --- U --- N --- N --- N
LC--- U --- U --- U --- N --- X --- N --- N --- N --- N
OB --- N --- F --- U --- N --- U --- X --- N --- H --- F
RI --- A --- N --- U --- N --- U --- N --- X --- U ---- U
ST --- U --- A --- U --- N --- U --- H --- U --- X --- N
ZE --- A --- N --- U --- N --- U --- F --- U --- N --- X

All Houses are automatically Hostile to Free City Demon's NPC, and vice versa (unless on secret missions or the like).

Bandit Demons may or may not be hostile, depending on cicumstances, but may become more hostile if they heavily outnumber the opposing party, and are far away from what few centers of Demonic Culture exist on the 4th Circle of Hell.

Further down the line I entend to set up a "Possible Event Table" that could allow for dramatic changes in house to house relation ships.

This table does not take into account possible Factions within a house that might be hostile to another faction.

Hope this can be of use to anyone setting up an Infernum campaign.


I finally completed by "Random Encounter Table, 4th Circle of Hell". Actually, it's primarily for the southern part of the map gleaned from Book 2. By southern I mean the approxiamate 4 - 8 area on a clock face.

If the party is fortunate enough to happen upon a random encounter (usually by a 1 on a 1d6/day die roll) I then use the following table:

Roll 1d20, die result is;
1) Blood Weed Seedling (more about these lovely plants later)
2) Crushing Stones
3) Fell Oil
4) Leaden Zone
5) Warghosts (count as raiders)
6) Bandit Demons (always count as raiders)
7) Independent (free City) Demons (from Dolour)
8) House Astyanath
9) House Carthenay
10) House Glabretch
11) House Haimon
12) House Lictat
13) House Oblurett'
14) House Riethii
15) House Sturrach
16) House Zethu
17) Band of Mercenaries (95% chance Demons)
18) Brokenlanders (Soldiers---always count as raiders)
19) Mortals-
20) Roll again, on 1d20 result of 20 = New Fallen Angel, on a 1-19 = a new Damned Soul

Reaction of NPC party to Player Party, use the previously posted Political Viewpoint table, or roll % dice:
01 - 10% = NPC Party is actively Hostile
11 - 30% = NPC Party is Unfriendly
31 - 70% = NPC Party is Indifferent or neutral
71 - 90% = NPC Party is friendly
91 - 100%= NPC Party willingly aids player party.

Raiders are always hostile, but will probably only attack if they outnumber the Player party (the next table I need to work on).

Purpose of the NPC party (why they are out wandering in the wilderness)
Roll % dice:

01 - 10% Traders
11 - 20% Raiders/patrol
21 - 30% Diplomatic Mission
31 - 40% Spy/secret mission*
41 - 50% Entertainers/Torturers
51 - 60% Private Mission**
61 - 70% Escorting Noble
71 - 80% Exploring
81 - 90% Repair party
91 - 100% Something other.....***

* Spy Mission personnel would be disguised as some other profession, like traders or entertainers, with a high DC to pierce.
** Up to GM's discretion
*** Something really off the wall, or could just be a false lead....

The next table I'm working on, and expect to have ready in the next few days, is what I'm calling my "Generic Demon Generation Table" (also known as the 'Hellcannon fodder' table). With it I expect to have easy access to plopping down any lvl 1 - 8 breed of demon(s) without having to roll each one up. Working on what corners I have to cut to make it right now.

Toodles all
After spending a bit of time working on it, I have completed what I optimistically call my "GENERIC DEMON GENERATION TABLE" (also known as the "Hellcannon Fodder table" --HFT--).

My idea is to have a ready made table of stats for each demon breed and it's level. To make it work I have had to go with particular breeds rather than houses, and made short cuts on some things. I used average stats for each breed, the appropriate breed modifiers, added two points to each breeeds strong point, (jimmed the Beast around a little since I wanted them to be the Default Sorcerers). I figure the below average demons would have been tossed back into the spawning pits, while the above average ones would have been scarfed up for Elite or personnel bodyguards.


Melee Attack Modifier
Ranged attack Modifier
Primary attack mode M = Melle'r, R = Ranged, S = Sorcery
Base Armor Class:
Initiative Modifier
Hit Points = Start with full points for base hit die (i.e. d6 = 6 HP's d12 = 12 HP's, +/- Modifiers---then take the Hit dice and divide in half, and take the next higher full number (i.e. d8 = 4, and a 5.---on even levels, add 4 HP's to demons total, on odd levels, add 5 to hit points total, +/- constitution modifiers.

So, using this table above I could quickly generate stats up 6 or 7 demons for a party encounter.

The skills, mutations, and equipment will have to go on a seprate table.
At the moment I'm thinking of just giving each breed 5 or 6 skills that I think are particularly pertinent to that breed. To simplify things, I figure to just use three mutation chains for each breed, one breed mutation and two "selected" other mutations (that I think are appropriate for the particular breed)

Haven't figured out to handle weapons and armor at the moment, I'm thinking of giving the first three levels simple ranged or melee weapons, the next three levels martial ranged or melee, and after that, exotic weapons.

For worn armor, I was thinking of just say, level plus 1, so a level 3 demon would be wearing generic armor worth 4 armor points. still debating how to work that out.

well, thats about all for the moment.

Toodles all
This happened at todays session with House Astyanath. I thought it was mildly humorus, and it certainly got a good laugh at the time.

I had previously designed some NPC encounters and missions for my world. At one point, while the party was looking for missions, I pulled one of them out.

A Malcubi, working at the local pub, would try and seduce one of the characters and try and get him to kill a rival she had, for the affections of the the Fortress commander, who was actually a much higher demoness.

As I pulled the encounter sheet out I looked over at the two guys and one girl playing, and automatically went with the guys, making some comment as I rolled "Lets see, who is she going to try and seduce? Ahh, Tazmuth....."

Tazmauth (Player) promptly replied "I'll only charge her 10 crowns"

At which time, it struck me that I was being very politically incorrect, and glancing at Tazmuth's daughter, I realized that there wasn't any reason that I could think of why the instigator of the seduction couldn't have been a guy, on some other similiar mission that needed a female, so I unthinkingly blurted out "Oh, you know what, it could have been a guy."

"In that case, 40 crowns" Taz shot back.
Infernum Book 3 finally hit the local Game Store this week, and my son went out and purchased a copy of it, then dropped it over at my house so I could peruse it. Very nicely done I must say! I particularly like the section dealing with designing fortresses and such, so I think over the next few weeks I can work out some more intricate designs of the ruined fortresses my parties have been visiting.