Element Class Cruisers - Food Preparation (where does it happen?)

The deck plans don't show a central galley. Instead, it appears that each department has its own. Now, granted, while the deck plans call these areas galleys, they seem to be full of what looks like eating tables, which would mean that these are actually mess areas (dining rooms). And only a scant few of them seem to have anything resembling a small attached kitchen (i.e. galley). Certainly these kitchens are too small to feed the entire crew (one would think). So where is the food actually prepared? And is this food preparation centralized or decentralized? I'm left scratching my head.
Autochefs in each area.
Steward or rating refills the chef at regular intervals with ingredients.
See the Robots book. a person sized bot can carry a small one suitable for several guests around in its chest.
The furniture you see on the plans is likely icons to help show room contents rather than the exact furnishings intended. auto-chefs, mobile or mounted, surely make up the brunt of the cooking facilities, but larger galleys might have cooking equipment.

The large dining areas in some pods have icons looking like kitchen areas as well, for example the intelligence pods. Officer galley next to the high staterooms as well.