Element Class Cruiser Pods - How are they situated/accessed from the main ship?

We were about to run our first scene inside one of the pods (on an Element-class Cruiser), and we came across a bit of a problem in visualizing it. Our initial assumption was that the pods are employed in twos, port & starboard. So for the Amara-class, it would look like this:

Forward Section
Pod One/Pod Two
Pod Three/Pod Four
Pod Five/Pod Six
Aft Section

But now, as we're looking at the pod deck plans, we see the spinal transport tube going through the middle of each pod rather than along one side, as you'd expect from the diagram above. In other words, unless we're missing something obvious, the ship deck plans and the pod deck plans don't match up.

Is there any explanation for this?


Banded Mongoose
The blueprint files all have "x2", except for a couple that are "missile pods x4" (and are doubled up accordingly), so the blueprints are showing both port and starboard versions of the pod paired together. They'll probably be installed in matching pairs most of the time anyway.