EAS Titans Redux: the conversion

After seeing the discussion of the (non canonical) Titan / Vorlon hybrid a while ago, i though, hell, I want that to use as the new Armageddon level warlock.


So I ordered my parts, namely a Warlock, a blister Vorlon fighters, the cruiser `forks` and the destroyer fin


So far, the basic hull is ready, now the detailing like guns and all start, the tail fins, green stuffing, sculpting, painting etc etc etc, so so far I am at


And for rules? Just a plain and basic Warlock destroyer...
And ready to become the owner of a paintjob

She`s a fine lady


The reason for the smallr tailfins is actually one of pure esthetics on my part as, in comparison to the CGI, to `enhance` the EA feel still a bit more. It will end up in the brownish yellow colourscheme, and I still wanted to have moer feel with the EA then with the vorlons.

And she has a lovely smile


This is btw my very first attempt at a B5 ship kitbash / conversion, which never has been a forte of me anyways...
guess it would have to be self repairing warlock with adaptive armour, lightning canon that doesnt shut it down :) and lesser vorlon guns also in various arcs, plus still some earther guns.
Thanks for the comments, as this honestly was my first attempt at kitbashing a space ship.

About the rules: don`t plan on doing special with it most of the times, just thought it would look a lil` cooler on the table now that the Warlock is Armageddon level and the basic Warlock looked a little small.
"Very" Cool, you have inspired me to start my White Star :D

All I have to give is two thumbs up. That's high praise in my book. I'd love to see that baby in battle and see how well she handles :wink: