Hyperion Command conversion

After the reactions on my Warlock hybrid EAS Titans, i thought, lets give this converting stuff another go. I wanted to create a command version of an Hyperion, as I will probably be playing Earky / 3rd Age EA anyways more then the Crusade era. I have a love for massed Twin-Linked batteries over all that high tech shiny stuff, though in the rare event I would take out a Crusade fleet, it can easily go for an Assault Hyperion.

At the moment I`m waiting for the green stuff to dry so i can start `cleaning` excess GS and sculpt the plates in it.

Anyways, here are the first pictures

The needed parts: an Hyperion, a set of Nova Turrets and Artemis turrets, and a single half of an Omega rotating section


Then the needed and cut up parts that will be actually used


Finally, the basic hull. This still needs a lot of detailing like the guns, engines and working the Green Stuff, but it already has the look of a dedicated troop carrier / early - 3rd hybrid


well, back to work for me...
Looks interesting.

Wish you had kept a bit more of the superstructure from the Hyperions engines as just the box seems a bit abreviated.

Looking forward to the gun mountings.

Well, decided to stretch the framework a little more, though for safety and balance measures this meant adding a second base (since many of my ships are AoG era, a common occurance anyways). So this is the ship with guns etc added, she is in the undercoat right now, so probably by tonight it should be finished...

good idea, but In my own personal opinion I think the big guns( nova ones) should be mounted more forward..perhaps on the sides of the front section as they just seem kinda out of place on the engine section. But heh, 100% for originality and ideas :)
Well, the idea for mounting the guns above the `troop compartment` actually came from star trek... The ship is going down, seperate the troop compartment :wink: and let the bridge blow, maybe, just maybe someone would survive to save our marines hehehe.

Okay, the real reason was that it was the only decent flat space where they wouldn`t look hugely out of place
I like the engine bells as a 'connector' to the troop section. That's a nice touch. Could have driven pins straight through I guess to stabilize it.

On the big guns, yeah they do look a bit cramped up there. The sides of the engine section might have been more roomy. Still and all nice job.

This conversion look interesting, I'm preparing my EA fleet for the crusade era. Beside the convertions of my Command Omega and Nova, I was checking my Hyperion fleet and I was thinking to make a command Hyperion with a walock look and found this in the internet.....


This will be costlly because I need to break a Warlock, but still thing about it.