EA Wages?


I'm sure I read it somewhere in one of the books, but I can't find it now.

How much do EA personnel (specifically B5 staff... security up to command staff) earn?
Trying to hunt for this one now... if all else fails and you need an answer in a hurry, go for around 100 credits a week plus 25 per experience level (which is about half that of a diplomat from the EA fact book at the same level, if I remember correctly)
in the pocket guide it states that a Profession skill check allows you to earn 100cr times skill roll result for one weeks work, i.e.: is my Earth Force Lieutenant is third level and has the skill Profession (Military) +4 and rolls a 9 he would earn 1,300 credits that week, the next week he rolls a 17 and earns 2,100 credits. the skill also says that untrained laborers can earn 25 credits per day
Seems a little arbitrary for a job in the 23rd century. Maybe do it as an average?

Thanx for the heads up.
I've always used the profession skill for characters without a standing job who state they just want to "try and find stuff to do this week", and set a specific wage if they have regular work.
I have a house rule that goes something like this:

Profession (Military): the use of this skill for members of any standing Military force or permenant position requires the player to 'take ten' for their wages each week. their skill bonus represents increases in their payscale due to time in service and learning to manage their money better.