Drow war 1 - Map errors


Are there corrected maps available to sort out the errors in the maps?

The mines:
1. 13d is not marked on the map.
2. The map shows the air shart (3) going to area 4. However the description says it goes to area 6.

For the Colombe mansion:
1. The kitchen (10) isn't on the map.
2. There are 2 stairs going up (11 & 12) but only one going down. Where does the other one go and what links to what?
3. There is no door into 18.
4. There is no door into 20 from the corridor.

Cresent city and environs:
1. In a number of locations it states things are to the west however the maps clearly show they are to the east.

For the forest of Meere:
1. Section 2 says the deposits marked 3 on the map. They are marked 4 not 3.

For the tunnels:
1. 6a-c are missing from the map.

I'll add more to this post as I find them.