DrivethruRPG Core Rules 2022 PDFs

A question mostly for the Mongoose gang. On DrivethruRPG The Core Rules 2022 has three different versions of the pdf with the names:

* Update_2022_Core_Rulebook
* Traveller_2022_Core_Rulebook_(eBook)
* Traveller_2022_Core_Rulebook_(eBook)_compressed

What are the differences between these files? Any clue which is the latest version or versions?

Thanks in advance!


(Oh, and adding version numbers to the files, as a lot of companies do on DRTRPG, would be a big win for consumers.)


Cosmic Mongoose
I asked in the New Books thread as soon as the email notice hit.
The difference is original file format, and compatibility with tablets/computers.
No text changed today.