Dredd Videogame

I'll have to look back over on nwvault as I stopped visiting that site earlier this year. If the d20 Modern TC has progressed far enough, I may be able to save myself a huge chunk of work... but this might be a fun project to work on.

Heron said:
Alright mate, two of us are in as Judges Moses (me) and McDonald.

Excellent. I'm 6 hours behind you guys so I will try to find you at the weekend. I didn't get much time to play this weekend, but popped in a few times to see if anyone was on. Best thing to do is add Judge Arabin to your friends list, and keep an eye out for me :) I look forward to seeing you in Paragon City soon.

Yup, I added you and all the Chief's to my Friends list. I'm currently level seven and my chum is level nine, I think.
Excellent. Also, add Judge Kale. He is not in the group yet as I haven't managed to coordinate meeting with him, but he is based in Canada (GMT-5). I'm sure he'd love to join your patrol.

Don't forget to register on the Justice Department forum though, as that's really the central place to discuss the group and activities.

No mod tools were released for KotOR, however, a few RPGs in the near future will have full mod support, namely Dragon Age and The Witcher from Bioware.
If you guys are serious about wanting to see proper conversions of already computer games like Judge Dredd vs Death, the soon to be finished Rogue Trooper ( But done the way we would like them to be.) and other characters such as Strontium Dog, Nemesis, Slaine, Dr & Quinch, MoonRunners, Zenith put into video games that would do them justice.

We should partition Rebellion.

I have played a PC demo of that Dred Game was moderately impressed. Graphic wise, it was great, but a more inteactive enviroment would be cool. What if cut scene with Judge Dredd roaring down the motorway on his Lawmaster way was a playable part of the game.

What about those older games, the left to right scrolling shooters based on Rogue, Stronty, Dredd & Nemesis and the text adventure for Slaine.
I have just about every Dredd game I can find... and that Playstation one is really bad. It was a nice try, but you have to use a gun as the crosshairs are really sluggish, and the gun I picked up didn't work out that well. The graphics were really dated... and worse, it didn't feel like Judge Dredd.

Is was a shame that Dredd vs. Death didn't expand upon the random arrests feature. You can play that game by charging through and blasting everything, but I always try to shoot weapons out of people hands and then arrest them. Much harder, but much more fun.

I would like to see a game that can emmulate the feeling of reading a Judge Dredd Graphic Novel or normal Dredd novel like Bad Moon Rising. While killing/arresting is good, I would like to see more adventure and investigation... while still maintaining the action.

I would love to see a MM online game, but I would want to be able to play a citizen as well as a judge. Avoiding detection while building up your criminal empire, while other PC and AI judges try to catch you and possibly bumping heads against other PC & AI villians. That would be fun.
On a related note, with the Judge Dredd vs. Death PC game, does anyone know how to extract the texture images used in the game? I know they are in the data files, but I don't know how to get to them.

Whenever I have played with modding, there has always been someone to unpack the images which gives others a starting point... but Dredd just doesn't have the right following with computer geeks. Anyone out there able to help?

At a minimum, it'd be cool to extract the images to use in GOMC1... the grafitti, the bill boards, etc.

Ideally, there would be a way to modify the images and import them back into the game... but I doubt that will happen.

The bad thing about allowing Judge Dredd to be playable character in a computer game ( All any other game for that matter.) is that in this game he is now less fallible then he was in the stories, movies, whatever. I don't think it should be so easy for him to get killed. I would prefer to have him as background character who is scripted never to get killed like in the stories.

I think it would be much better for the player to be given the role as a young Cadet, in training for becoming a street Judge. Perhaps being schooled and going on missions with Dredd himself. Although they would have to be well written to allow for playability.

I would also like to see the player been given use of the Lawmaster bike. I imagined this whilest playing GTA: Vivce City, except I know that the character would be given his bike rather than be forced to steal. This could also have a point system that earns points based on how well he plays to the law. ( Similar to the other Judge Dredd game where he recevies commendations for arresting a perp with out violence.)

These points sereve can be spent to call ffor Back up. The type of back depending on heavily how many points youy are willing to spend. The back up could be anything from other Judges, to H-Wagons, Clean-up Crews, Holocost Judges and Dredd himself. ( Sort of like a ultimate hero power. )

Oh yes, once you call Dredd, you can than just sit back and watch.
I like the sound of the game you describe... it would indeed be fun.

The biggest problem is that in any game, you want to play the "hero" or main "villain". You usually don't start out that way, but you end up with the world knowing your name.

Take for example, The Matrix. I enjoyed the game that came after the second movie... though it was certainly flawed. The biggest complaint was that noone was to play some girl they didn't know... everyone wanted to be Neo. I don't know how well the sales of The Path of Neo have done, as the game was released too late, but the demand was high enough to justify developing the game.

I love the idea of the game starting with you running through a tutorial at the academy (not as Dredd, that was just silly), followed by the first level being your FST. After that, if it was done sort of like GTA, but with an area for you to patrol and "missions" assigned over the radio, I think you could have a winning game.

Obviously, you need to be able to ride your Lawmaster as well. I remember seeing the cutscene in Judge Dredd vs. Death where Dredd roars along the street towards the perps... goes into a wheelie to deflect the rain of bullets... and crashes the bike into them, jumping off at the last minute. It was cool... but I couldn't help thinking it was a bit of a waste for such a cool and powerful piece of equipment. Afterall, e could have sent the bike in alone, blasting away, while he sneaked around behind them or something.

I am sure that when the new films come out, there is bound to be some kind of game tie-in... I just hope they do a lot better this time around. Perhaps get some experienced games players to test it for them and give feedback. I'm available :)

'The Lawmaster Kick'!!!!!

Yeah I remember that cutscene.

I couldn't get past Judge Fear in the Met Art building.
Anvil said:
'The Lawmaster Kick'!!!!!

Yeah I remember that cutscene.

I couldn't get past Judge Fear in the Met Art building.

Judge Fear was probably the hardest part of the game to get through. You have to be light on your feet, grabbing the weapons that are nearby, and blasting fear when you can. He tosses those traps at you, but then pauses a moment before tossing more. You will have vampires nipping at your heels as well, but it's possible. I couldn't manage it on hard difficulty, but I did it on easy and normal.

After that fight, the story finishes up eventually, but the fighting I found much easier.