Dredd to Gangs of MC 1


Be rude not to mention it here, but Gangs of Mega City One is fantastic, and very easily usable as a addition to the JD RPG Universe (especially if you are running civilians or gang based game).

I knocked up some basic conversions, so even a PC can be brought across

Each character starts as either a juve or punk dependent on their prior life (combat characters can be classed as punks, non combat as juves).

Each bonus feat a PC gains equals one trait (every third level) that is not a characteristic increase. Every four level improves one characteristic.

So an 8th level PC/NPC with a prior life of Goon takes the Punk profile and may take two improvements and 2 characteristic improvements.

Prestige classes are considered their nearest Specialist, and modified according to the above rules, excluding the citizen levels required to qualify for the prestige class.

Presumably you could use this for Judges by simply using a street judge profile - although the game is much more orientated towards gangers, theres no reason why the Judges can't use most of the traits.

Using this method of conversion large scale combats can be acted - and even without using the above rules, you could use the system to handle other non-player character stuff, using normal stats for Player vs NPC combat.