Drazi Name Generator

Old Bear

Hi guys,

Can whoever came up with the Drazi Name Generator get in touch. I'm interested in using it in S&P.

Hi there.

I was the one who posted the rules from which the table was created. As I posted before, I lost my personal copy of the table, but I still have the original rules that I posted. Here they are again, in (almost) the same words as last time:

1. Use only these letters:
- Consonants: B, D, F (use Ph instead of F), J, K, L, M, N, S, T, and Z.
- Vowels: A, I, O, and U. (Note that the A is used more than all other vowels combined.)
- Use the letter H only with S to make the Sh combo.
- Use letter R only in combination with other letters (like Dr).
2. Use two or 3 letter syllables.
- always start with a consonant or a 2-letter consonant group like Dr or Sh
- always end in a single vowel
- Most common 3 syllables are: BA, KA, MA.
3. Pick two syllables for males, and 2 or 3 syllables for females.
- the last syllable should always end in an A.
- The consonant can be doubled for the 2nd or 3rd syllable in female names, but not both. (like makalla or Bissaka)
4. Add an R at the end if it is a male Drazi. Leave the final A if it is a female Drazi.

Male: Domar, Shukar, Zubar
Female: Malissa, Kota, Shuzanna, Bamaka
Silly but perfectly "valid" Drazi names: Phubar, Kaka, Lala ....