Draft rules for Corporation


I have been trying to come up with some way of quantifying the corporations for cybernet and have come up with the house rules at this link


Take a look and let me know what you think. Be honest I can take it. 8)

I already know some of the numbers for the size of the staff pool needs changing.



Going over it in detail. But first things first. It's not D20 Cybernet, It's OGL Cybernet, A very distinct difference.

I'll comment on the actual content after I mull it over.


Okay I like the concept of treating the corp like an entity. You could even include Dex as the Corps ability to move assets be it military or finacial, and Con to represent its security precautions and resistance to bad press or ability to suppress it.

On the subject of HP why not use Reputation instead or call it 'Credit Rating'. You say they are easy to loose but hard to regain, how exactly would a corp regain HP?

How were the Military and Financial stats calculated?

Overall I like the concept and might even incorporate parts of it into my Gang Generation rules(linked somewhere in this forum). Some examples of the stats/skills in use would probably help me understand it better though.

Are you expecting your players to be able to actively seek the destruction of a corp? How will they interact with the stats of the corp, just by whittling away at its HP?


thanks for the input it gives me some things to think about. Especialy like the idea of changing HP to reputation or credit rating. With the things that can damage it Ill probably go for Credit Rating.

The Financial and military stats are a simple breakdown from the STR stat maybe it needs explaining better on the document. I was thinking along the lines of OK they have the muscle but how do they use it.

I think regaining HP would be prety much the reverse of loosing them - they hire replacement staff, rebuild or increase there stock value. But that said Ill have to have a think about it in some more detail.

As for interaction with characters:
Im actualy expecting them to run screaming from the corps most of the time. But when they do get on with it and ahve a go it's nice to be able to make some tangible record of the effects it has. Hitpoints just seamed the easiest way to do this. It's all fairly abstract anyway as i didn't want to get boged down in financial reports and the like but wanted to keep some records.

I haven't read through your gang rules properly yet but will take a look and see if they offer any inspiration for improvments to these rules. Ill probably make some of the changes over the weekend.


This is all very interesting. I'm attempting to come up with a Bio and Stats for a corporation I created within CyberNet called The Beng-Arii Syndicate. The syndicate is part of the mythos I'm creating that underscores the CyberNet Official Roleplaying Soundtrack I'm releasing May 11.

More a GM than a stat-master... I might give these rules a serious consideration while developing The Beng-Arii Syndicate.

Thanks for the link!

- Stratos


OGL horror has some rules for organizations. With a little modification (and I mean very little) they could be applied to Cybernet. If my real life ever quits intruding I will hopefully finish up the mods i have been working on.