Damage question


There is the Nova, notice it has 3 lines for damage and 3 lines for crew loss.

Why is that?
there's three lines for ship name, quality and XP, too. So it does indeed look like that sheet's designed to hold info for 3 separate ships.

that confused the hell out of me. I was thinking you took damage from 3 seperate sections (port, starbord, aft)
sorry! yes, all of my sheets are designed to track 3 ships of identical type. The new ACTA cards will replace the record sheets.

This is not any demand, merely a polite request, Chernobyl, but ...

... will the Dilgar or my other new fleet, the Drakh, be added to your excellent site soon?

Thank you for your already extant hard work.
Yes, every fleet will have cards done. I'm going to sprinkle the releases so that every fleet will get a little at a time. Problem is, I have to wait to get Armageddon before I can begin. last year, I was able to get a pre-release copy of SFOS from a convention, but that's not happening this time. On the plus side, the cards shouldn't take as long to do individually as the sheets, so that much is good.