Daggoth Hill Template

The Warlord

Hey all,
Need more info on the whole Daggoth Hill thing. There's a feat that gives you the template, but are you half the creature? What's your appearance gonna be? Your temperment? Your place in society? Etc.

The template gives next to NO background, and looks to just be a way for players to tool up their characters.

There's next to nothing to go on for Role-playing with. Please help with background, details, etc.
If you are the GM, then change it how you wish!!! Though, I'd rule it that the next level has to be Scholar. But, afterwards, you can use whatever class you feel is necessary. But, make sure you realize that you still have to expend certain skill points towards your scholarly skillz. Don't have the book in front of me, to confirm this.
I think the point about the scholar class is that it merely becomes your favoured class.
This means you get the bonus feats when your scholar class reaches certain levels.
There is no need to take any scholar class levels, but you won't get the bonus feats at all, as you must change your favoured class to scholar rather than add it to any existing favoured classes.